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This week brings a full moon eclipse in Capricorn. Video · Podcasts · News · Tech · Music · Food · Health · Money · Drugs · Uncommitted: Iowa · Election · Identity · Games device to read daily horoscopes personalized for your sun, moon, and rising signs, . Pisces (February 18 - March 20).

Scorpions are a shade difficult to deal with, plus maddeningly frustrating. Now, some astrologers believe Scorpio craves intimacy so intensely, they sometimes feel afraid and unready for it. For time immemorial this astrological sign has been described as the most powerful, and he planted this astrologer six foot under, with his image painted inside my coffin. Unforgettable, may be an understatement, and at their worst they can be intimidating.

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At their best, they are bloody awesome , deeply engaged with a great deal of self knowledge, very retrospective. The nice ones will enrich your emotional life, filling it with intense, passionate, long-lasing feelings. However, I am a not complete loser of a Pisces woman: I know how to give as good as I get. I clawed my way back out of the dirt, wrapped my wounds, and kissed him goodbye. A kiss of death right back, baby! Scorpio has gathered around it a seedy sexual reputation, they are passion incarnate on the spot.

In astrology, the planet Venus rules love and prosperity, while the sign Scorpio is associated with passion, poss. We all know about the havoc wreaked by Mercury retrograde, but what about Pluto? The dwarf planet has been retrograde since April And on October 2, it. Early in the morning on Saturday, September 28, the new moon will rise in Libra, the sign of the Scales. All new moons symbolize new beginnings, and with t. I spent the weekend with Aubrey Marcus, a wellness guru soothing the souls of modern men.

She combines an easy writing style with some academic and intellectual heft which provides deep insight into astrological principles, yet remains accessible to all levels of understanding. Sign by sign, myths and meanings are explored and expounded in depth and detail. This whole volume riffs on the meeting point of fate and free will.

Liz Greene (Virgo)

This book is also remarkable for the personal story Anyone with a more than passing interest in astrology would benefit from acquaintance with Liz Greene's books. This book is also remarkable for the personal story in the Fate and Sychronicity chapter where Liz Greene tells us of her singular encounter with Isobel Hickey. Whatever Ms Hickey's purpose, and however conscious it was or was not, her rejection of the young Liz Greene spurred the development of 20th and 21st astrology in a way that perhaps could not have been achieved otherwise.

Now, in the second decade of the 21st century, it would be hard to overstate the value of Liz Greene's contribution to modern astrological teaching, thinking, practice and its integration in the helping professions. Aug 02, Myr rated it it was amazing.

Love this book. Alot of research and knowledge about roman and greek mythology all woven through the fine lens of a jungan scholar and an adept astrologer. The psychological depth inwhich Liz Greene is able to penetrate and decipher human nature at its most primal makes for informative reading. This book would be a good read for all who work in the mental health professions? Jan 13, Stargazer rated it liked it Shelves: astrology , full-series-read-non-fiction.

All Liz Greene is good stuff.

Sep 07, Kira Gutschow rated it it was amazing. Introspective and healing.

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The title of the book may imply a certain hopelessness or a sense of being trapped by fate. What I felt that Liz Greene did an amazing job of exploring was the knowledge that when you begin to recognize the necessity behind our existence and ALL of our experiences, what you find is liberation. May 26, Dee Dunckley rated it really liked it. Excellent work on Pluto using astrology, mythology and psychology including actual case studies to explain the various ways this small but intense planet can work on the psyche, experiences and circumstances that combine to make up a person's 'fate'.

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View 2 comments. Mar 26, L. Jacob rated it liked it Shelves: bedtime , reference. Dense, but informative.

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Unfortunately I couldn't read it very well because the print was so small. Didn't finish it. Insightful and intriguing Really good food for thought. Psychological astrology concepts galore. I also happened to have many synchronistic moments throughout reading this. Liz Greene has a wonderful knack for getting under the skin of each sign. Loved the myths,,especially the aries, sag, aqua n cancer ones. The part on fate and synchronicity is a section no one would understand unless they experienced it themselves. She explains in the most simple no frills manner, the meeting of the inner subjective experie Liz Greene has a wonderful knack for getting under the skin of each sign.

She explains in the most simple no frills manner, the meeting of the inner subjective experience and the outer objective 'event'.


If a person is even mildly aware of the mysterious unity between 'what happens outside' and 'what is going on inside',this chapter is sure to set their blood on fire. The quotes by Jung, says it all,,'free will is the ability to gladly do which I must do''. For the beginner,read for 'soul tremors'.

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I love all of Liz Greene's books; This particular one explores the concept of fate--that in certain aspects of our life fate plays a determining role--an uncomfortable idea in psychological circles. I found it useful to examine my own beliefs about fate, and to gie more weight to the "psychological inheritance" we so unconsciously receive from our family.

For astrologers, good info on the archetype of pluto.