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This week brings a full moon eclipse in Capricorn. Video · Podcasts · News · Tech · Music · Food · Health · Money · Drugs · Uncommitted: Iowa · Election · Identity · Games device to read daily horoscopes personalized for your sun, moon, and rising signs, . Pisces (February 18 - March 20).

That way, it will be easier to reveal yourself and your agenda gradually while respecting the other person's feelings, wishes and boundaries. Take it slow, and see if your instincts are steering you straight. Focusing on the details of a project seems even harder now than usual.

To a stranger's eye, you might seem secretive or sly. Your friends, on the other hand, can see how scattered you feel, and they might warn you against recklessness. But really, neither perspective is exactly correct. And does that really matter?

Mercury enters Sagittarius

No, not much. You're on a mission, so let people think what they want. You'll figure out the right path or personal plan today. Imitation is a form of flattery, a fact you know well. After all, how many people in your life have followed your example? Now's your chance to honor other people by showing everyone how they've influenced you. Don't be afraid of being called a copycat; this is clearly an homage to those in your life who have had an important effect on you. Best of all, you might even inspire someone else as you pay tribute to your own teachers and mentors.

The sympathetic, outgoing side of your nature is enhanced today. If you see someone in need, your first impulse is to jump in and help them out, without thought for whether or not you can afford it. And for today, that's okay. Even if you're buying into more than you bargained for, it's still worth it, because the point now is to get involved and spread the humanity around. You're creating good energy in the world, and no one can put a monetary value on that.

You're a dreamer, but who says you can't be both easygoing and hardworking at the same time?

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Currently, the energy is right for getting a lot accomplished. You feel as focused and on-target as ever. In general, your mission feels secure today, and you know what that means: You might as well have fun with it! Enjoy yourself and the company of your loved ones even as you get the ball rolling on your work or a creative project. You might seem thoughtful on the outside today, but the people who know you best know your indomitable spirit is just beneath the surface. Your latent talents could be a big help today, so use them to inspire others.

You may not realize it, but people feel energized just being around you. Attacking your to-do list with gusto or presenting your case with confidence sets a good example for everyone, even if it seems a little on the dull side. Whatever you're working on -- an important project, an exciting new relationship -- keep it informal for now. Be humble and let your many skills work unconsciously today. A sense of faith in yourself will go a long way.

You're tapped into deeper feeling and consciousness than normal, and wonderful things could happen. Believe in yourself and move forward on instinct, and you're sure to accomplish more than you would by pushing and shoving toward success.

If you're getting frustrated with work or a lack of creative inspiration, there's a simple cure. You just need a little less procrastination and a little more follow-through. Now, follow-through has never been your strong point -- there are simply too many people and ideas in the world for one to hold your attention for long. To overcome this, envision the results you want, in detail.

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Meditate on them whenever you feel off-track. Then make them happen. Staying home with people you love might be most comfortable for you, but this is no time to hide away.


You'll find plenty of comfort, affection, and most importantly, inspiration out in the big, wide world. This is your chance to tap into something exciting -- something outside your normal, day-to-day life -- and get a lot out of it. Instead of having to get used to new people or conditions, you'll take to them almost instantly.

What fun! Today, you're all about self-expression for its own sake. It feels good to emote in front of an audience and let everyone know the passion you're feeling inside. But don't be surprised if your flamboyant gestures are misunderstood. Anyone who isn't feeling as dramatic as you are probably won't get it. If that's the case, don't bother explaining yourself. Just own your creativity and move on. Maybe they'll figure it out later, when they slip into a similar mood.

OK, OK -- being precise and discriminating is just part of your personality. But can you try not to be so particular today? Your well-intended criticisms are starting to get someone down. If you can't see that they're doing a good job or at least trying their hardest, use your imagination. Maybe you can try to see yourself as others see you. That way, their generous view of you will inspire generosity of your own. The details of a certain problem or project are eluding you at the moment, but don't get frustrated.

Just stay calm and observant. This is one of those days when it's best to baby yourself, even if it seems a little indulgent. Trying too hard to finalize a decision before you're ready will only leave you feeling disheartened and uninspired. An open-minded, flexible outlook, on the other hand, will help you get back up to speed. Some difficult, possibly long-standing, situation at work or in your personal life can now be resolved. Somehow, you make it seem so natural.

You'll impress anyone who knows what you've just gone through, because they know just how far you've come. Maybe you should write a how-to manual or a self-help book for others in the same plight you've just overcome. That would be one way to spread the goodness you're now enjoying.

Toiling away has never been your thing. You prefer the freedom to do whatever you like with your time and energy.

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Today might seem perfect for blowing off a little steam along with your work or chores, because you're feeling a little antsy. While you're happy evading responsibility, just remember the joyride can't last forever. Soon, you'll have to deal with real life again. And some people might be pretty annoyed you were slacking, even for a little while.

Scorpio Horoscope For Tuesday, December 3,

When it comes to making strokes of genius into tangible results, you're a master. Today, meditation will help move things from planning to execution. Mars is also increasing your passion so any initiative is sure to be met with delight! Those in a new relationship may have the urge to hasten things. Forget about the future and live in the moment.

Venus has moved into your sector of creativity boosting your imagination, motivation and enhancing your natural style. If you need to complete something within a timeframe go to your happy place and take a moment to collect your thoughts. Today a conversation or situation will make you take stock. You are known for your high standards and demand a lot from people but even more from you.

If you have been berating yourself for not completing a project, missing a deadline or not spending enough time with loved ones cut yourself some slack, Scorpio. Be kind to yourself and try lowering your expectations. Seize the moment and book in a spa treatment, schedule a lazy lunch or a romantic getaway.

There is absolutely nothing you cannot do with your life — but it will pay you to be selective. You will say or do something controversial today and it is sure to annoy some people who think you have no right to speak or act that way. You have every right. The world needs people who are not afraid to be different. What you do today may mark you out as a bit of a maverick but better that than being someone who always blindly follows the rules. You need to get to grips with your financial situation.

To start with that means getting tough with yourself, in the sense that you have been much too wasteful of late.

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Then get tough with those who have been encouraging you. You no longer need them. You will draw closer to someone today and the benefits will be worth all that has happened over the past few weeks. You have endured a lot together and now you will enjoy life together. Partnerships of all kinds will go well for you now.