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This week brings a full moon eclipse in Capricorn. Video · Podcasts · News · Tech · Music · Food · Health · Money · Drugs · Uncommitted: Iowa · Election · Identity · Games device to read daily horoscopes personalized for your sun, moon, and rising signs, . Pisces (February 18 - March 20).

While this sentiment sounds nice, it means that children who are born into poverty and face structurally racist housing, criminal justice and education systems will never have equal opportunity. Numerous studies find that the election of President Barack Obama has made whites, particularly young whites, sanguine about racial disparities in America. One study surveyed people of all races before and after the election about their perceptions of discrimination against blacks.

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The youngest third in the sample were Only 39 percent of Hispanic millennials and 24 percent of African-American millennials agree. This is disturbing for the future of race in America. The Roberts vision of radical colorblindness has irreparably harmed racial progress. If young Americans buy into his vision of a colorblind society—and a large literature suggests they do—white America and black America will diverge further, creating a permanent underclass in which people of color are denied equitable access to the American dream.

Parents and caregivers will learn about the biology of mental illness, medication therapy, talk therapy, how to keep records important for working with medical and school staff, legal issues, communication and conflict resolution methods, and crisis management. The course gives parents and caregivers the information necessary to take the best care possible of their child as well as the rest of their family and themselves.

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Coping skills help alleviate the impact that emotional and. NAMI-WM volunteer members and leaders work tirelessly to raise awareness and provide essential education, advocacy and support group programs for all those affected by mental illness. Photos submitted.

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We thank all our local businesses and civic organizations that cooked for this event, our prize donors, plus the volunteers and all of our attendees. Once again, the community of Westfield has demonstrated how committed we are to helping each other. The group meets in the Holyoke Medical Center Oncology Department located on the first floor of the main hospital. All cancer patients, families, and caregivers are welcome to attend.

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Light refreshments are served and transportation is available depending on your area of residence. For further information or to schedule transportation, please call the Jolene Lambert, R. Datome scored 13 points as the Celtics defeated the Heat He made the Miami Heat do some hurting as well. Olynyk also was the recipient of a twohanded shove to the back from Miami center Hassan Whiteside, who lost his composure midway through the third quarter and got ejected for the second time in his last four outings.

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Hopefully he changes his mentality quick. Rob Guiry, sport management alumnus and contestant on The Biggest Loser television show, returned to campus March 5, , to give three inspirational talks, including the keynote address at the Freshmen and Sophomore Honors Reception in Rivers Memorial Auditorium. Photo submitted. Thomas has appeared in 10 games, all off the bench, since the Celtics acquired him in a trade last month. He has averaged Thomas hit maybe the biggest shot of the night — a 3-pointer with left that gave the Celtics a lead.

And then Whiteside made it worse, coming back the other way and shoving Olynyk. Whiteside was assessed a flagrant-2, an automatic ejection, and the injury-ravaged Heat got even more shortSee Celtics, Page Last fall, Guiry, who also earned his MBA from Western New England University, gave up his jobs as residence life manager and head rugby coach at his alma mater to compete in the popular reality TV program.

I attended school here for four years and then worked here for four years and this place really molded me into the man I am today. While I was on the show, I received hundreds of encouraging cards, letters, and emails from my friends here, and it really made a difference. Some will even earn it throughout those massive contracts.

An early rush to haul in those big bucks will be followed by weeks of secondary signings that often are more critical to a team's success than the headline-grabbing deal. Two dominant players who made the All-Pro squad are on the market and a third still could wind up there. So might be Patriots star cornerback Darrelle Revis. Suh appears ticketed for Miami. He is that rare star just entering his prime and became available to any team willing to commit nine figures over a lengthy period for his services.

Yes, he has had some anger-management problems, but that didn't seem make him any less attractive for the Dolphins and owner Stephen Ross, who wants to make a big splash.

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Suh is an every-down player and a force in all situations, and Miami has the financial room and the need. Murray's one drawback is the same for all running backs — longevity. At 27, though, he's not particularly worn, and he's versatile. His best option would be returning to Dallas to run behind that superb line, but the Cowboys are capstrapped. The next-best choice would be a team with a solid passing game to balance Murray's running.

San Diego and Indianapolis could make sense. In this Nov. Revis is a strange case. His contract history is to take the money and then shut down the opponent's best receiver. But now that he's won a Super Bowl, perhaps he'll find that championship rings are just as valuable as huge bank accounts. He easily could wind up back in New England, but pretty much any team except Tampa Bay, Dallas and Arizona figure to contact him.

Some really bad teams: the Jaguars, Raiders, Titans and Jets, all with tons of salary cap room. And some mediocre clubs: the Browns, Dolphins and Panthers. And even some pretty good ones: the Eagles, Bengals and Colts. Usually, not much.

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  • But this is a highly. Few teams find value in long-term deals with guys who play the most physically punishing skill position. Murray figures to be an exception, and for strong passing clubs needing a boost on the ground, he'll be a prime target. What about Justin Forsett, C. Spiller, Reggie Bush and Shane Vereen? The money might not be what they project, but they should find jobs relatively quickly. How much teams dish out for the following players will determine if they fall into the bargain category.

    Is there a market for players whose off-field issues short-circuited their careers? But will anyone bite considering the public relations problem that would accompany such signings? And so there will be owners who are not interested no matter what the football people think. Islanders 68 Tampa Bay 67 N.

    GP Nashville 68 Anaheim 68 St. NOTE: Two points for a win, one point for overtime loss. Home Home Away Div Away Div Rangers at N. Islanders, 7 p. Dallas at Philadelphia, 7 p. Columbus at Carolina, 7 p. Tampa Bay at Montreal, p. Boston at Ottawa, p. Winnipeg at St. Louis, 8 p. New Jersey at Minnesota, 8 p. Los Angeles at Colorado, 9 p. Rangers at Washington, 8 p. Anaheim at Calgary, p.

    Saturday, March 14 Vancouver at Chicago, 6 p. Toronto FC at Columbus, p. Philadelphia at Real Salt Lake, p.

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    San Jose at Seattle, 10 p. Los Angeles at Portland, 7 p. Television, radio and regional newpapers only provide fleeting coverage of local issues you care about. But, day in and day out, The Westfield News provides consistant coverage of the stories you need to know about, that are important to your city, town, neighborhood and home.

    Clippers 41 Lakers 16 Clippers 89, Minnesota New Orleans at Brooklyn, p. Cleveland at Dallas, p. Toronto at San Antonio, p. New York at Utah, 9 p. Detroit at L. Lakers, p. Sacramento at Charlotte, 7 p. Brooklyn at Miami, p. Memphis at Boston, p. Clippers at Oklahoma City, 8 p. Orlando at Milwaukee, 8 p.

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    Atlanta at Denver, 9 p. Minnesota at Phoenix, 10 p. Detroit at Golden State, p. Houston at Portland, p. Bridgeport 4, Worcester 3 Hamilton at Adirondack, 7 p. San Antonio 4, Iowa 1 Worcester at Bridgeport, 7 p.