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This week brings a full moon eclipse in Capricorn. Video · Podcasts · News · Tech · Music · Food · Health · Money · Drugs · Uncommitted: Iowa · Election · Identity · Games device to read daily horoscopes personalized for your sun, moon, and rising signs, . Pisces (February 18 - March 20).

If you want to make the most of this time and avoid any potential pitfalls then keep reading to learn how to manage this Leo Lunar Eclipse! A Lunar Eclipse is like a Full Moon but on steroids! As the Moon is all about our emotions and our feelings, you are likely to feel much more emotional when a Lunar Eclipse rolls into town. It will usually focus your attention of your home and your family life as well as any relationships with women — as the Moon rules female energy. One thing to remember is that when we have the Sun opposite the Moon, our emotions can go through the roof! On the one hand, this means that you can get clear about your wants and your needs, and if you are in any kind of relationship that is struggling then this can be a time to untangle any issues you have had.

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Eclipses are also traditionally times of endings and therefore new beginnings, so it may also be that some relationships end at this time, or this is the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one. An eclipse also usually lasts six months, from the previous eclipse and this means that you could be putting the final touches to something you started in the past. It is also a good time to go back over your emails and messages from six months ago to see what you were doing or planning to launch at this time — as these themes may come to an end for you now.

Sun enters Sagittarius

Or this could be the end of one chapter of your life that started six months ago. This particular eclipse on January 21, , is also linked to the Solar Eclipse on January 5 and the Total Solar Eclipse on July 2, , so these eclipses will all have a similar theme associated with them. This means that this is also a good time to write down some notes in a journal so you can see what themes might emerge over the next few months and up until July Leo is a sign we associate with love, romance, sex and creativity and this is also associated with the Fifth House in astrology.

If you have any factors in Leo or in the Fifth House, then these could be triggered now — so make sure you check your birth chart! I will add, the Moon will square Uranus which will mean that your mood may be more changeable than usual and you may react to things more quickly. It could also feel as if people want to deny you your freedom, but this may not actually be the case and it may just be that the planets are making you feel penned in and tied down.

This could also make you feel restless and you may want to stray from your normal routines — or feel bored and like you are stagnating in your life. This could also lead to a build-up of nervous energy which makes you go a little stir crazy. Remember that this feeling is not unique to you so others will be feeling the same way and this could lead to a clash as everyone is feeling a little on edge.

Also in the skies, we have Mercury which is going to be square Uranus which could make the tension even worse. This could also manifest as some news you were not expecting which shocks you to your core and it could be that you have to make decisions on the fly which will make you nervous. It could also seem as if there are just not enough hours in the day and that you are not able to make any progress at this time as life is just so chaotic around you.

If possible, then avoid having to do anything too taxing now like sign paperwork or read through complicated contracts as you lack the focus and concentration to do so. When you talk to other people, try to keep the topics light as you may find that you have problems clearly communicating your thoughts with those around you.

Our Complete Guide to the January 21st Total Lunar Eclipse

Everyone will be lacking in patience now, so you need to try and be mindful of that if you want to avoid arguments. There will also be a positive side to all of this however and you will also feel more creative now and you could have some kind of epiphany when it comes to your creative projects.

You may also find that you have sudden and unexpected opportunities and that you are in the right place at the right time. One thing to remember, however, is that anyone you meet now is unlikely to be someone who goes the distance in your life so you should treat any love connections cautiously. Now than you know what you know—thanks, supermoon! This could mean that you change your field of study or stop running with certain social circles, and you might find yourself craving space and adventure.

Horoscopes by Jamie Partridge

The question is: What are you looking for, Gemini? Truly, this eclipse has changed what feels deeply important to you, so letting go of some things will come naturally—even if it feels emotionally charged. Money is a huge theme for you during this eclipse, too.

Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo January 21-22 2019 Talk With The Leo King

Do you think that Leo, the sign of this eclipse and the sign of royalty, allows themselves to get underpaid for their work or mistreated after putting their time and energy into something? Hell no! This eclipse will help you make the changes to get what you deserve.

For someone who loves to stare at and talk about themselves ad nauseam, you still have a lot to learn about yourself, dear lion! This eclipse will bring a new, made-over you. Expect all the changes you implement to impact your relationships, too. Secrets will be spilled during this eclipse—and the tea is all about you. This supermoon eclipse is in Leo, a fire sign that does things out of instinct, unlike you, the notoriously practical and logical earth sign!

Deep emotions will swell to the surface, and you need to be completely present in your body to cry, growl, squirm, scream, dance, run—anything to release this powerful, primal energy coursing through you.

How This Week's Supermoon Eclipse in Leo Will Break and Remake You - VICE

Your dreams are going to be very active during this period, and some secrets concerning your everyday life will come to the surface. Things that were impossible to see before will now be crystal clear—and the center of your focus. Harness the power of the eclipse by letting these people fall away from your life. As an intense water sign, Scorpios tend to have a contentious relationship with the spotlight. You tend to get down on yourself for wanting things that every human wants. Having a healthy ego can obviously be beneficial, and one crucial example is that the ways your ego is affected by something help reveal where your values lie.

Tell yourself the truth, and respond in kind. This supermoon eclipse is in fellow fire sign Leo, and while going through its turbulent energy may be rough, the changes set in motion for you will bring some amazing opportunities. Remember that eclipses are a fated time of release and course correction.

On the surface, you, a hardworking earth sign, and Leo, an ego-centric fire sign, appear to be completely different. However, you do have something in common: your high standards. This supermoon eclipse rocks your relationships, as you find your values changing and you realize that you me be giving much more than you are getting. What's in the stars for you in January? Read your monthly horoscope here.

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