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This week brings a full moon eclipse in Capricorn. Video · Podcasts · News · Tech · Music · Food · Health · Money · Drugs · Uncommitted: Iowa · Election · Identity · Games device to read daily horoscopes personalized for your sun, moon, and rising signs, . Pisces (February 18 - March 20).

We will get to know each other a little ahead of the event. You can get accustomed to my way of thinking, and we can all get excited. You might begin to form ideas of what your want to get out of your participation at this course and workshop, and begin to gather charts and questions you want resolved.

During our time together we will be examining both topics separately, but also demonstrating how Horary and Age Point Astrology work side by side when dealing with clients. And you will have the benefit of other 30 years experience from practising the technique, but where I have been more busy with dealing with clients than writing books. There are two basics points to keep in mind when working with the astrological; 1 Keep it simple! One of the beauties of horary astrology is narrowing your focus down to a limited number of significators.

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And the idea with the Age Point Technique is being able to read the chart as it stands, fast and simple — without getting lost in all the additional calculations. But I will try to explain things in a down to Earth manner, and first of foremost my astrology is an Event-Oriented type of astrology. You are who you are because of events that happened on the way to your process of becoming, prior to birth. The birth moment summons all those influences leading up to this moment.

This forms your inner psychological structure as shown by the chart, but this is again spread out in time and space, which describes those opportunities and challenges lay open to you along your life path! And using your birth chart correctly gives you a greater opportunity of getting it right! In terms of Horary Astrology, events tend to circle around any given moment, so a question does not break the surface of the conscious mind the question being introduced to the astrologer , without the ripples being shown in both past and future. When dealing with Horary Astrology and matters of relationships, there are basically three types of relationships;.

These relationships are great because they never let you down. Sometimes when working with a horary chart and the prospects of a relationship, you have the possibility of shifting the focus in the chart from the 7th house to the 5th house, or from the 7th house to the 11th house, or from the 5th house to the 11th house.

This always gives you some working space in terms of giving things time to work themselves out. It is the potential affair. In our workshop we will be looking at various ways in which a relationship can be either granted or prohibited, but in addition to what might be called a regular application between significators or a translation or collection of light, which involves a third party , one of my favourite topics must be that of mutual reception.

Mutual reception by Sign is strong. Reception by Exaltation is fierce, and wherever the exaltations are involved we will discover there is something extra-ordinary involved. When there is reception by Triplicity there is always resources and a circle of friends. Now with reception by Face, there is a physical chemistry and natural attraction present, enough for an affair, but probably not enough for a relationship. If there is reception by Term, then the two people know how to get along with one another, have mutual interests, and this may be enough for a lasting relationship.

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The basic idea is that if the Lord of the Hour is essentially dignified in the Ascendant, the chart is radical. In its simplest form, it is the Hour of Jupiter and Sagittarius is rising — the chart is radical. The chart may also be radical if there is friendship between the Lord of the Hour and the ruler of the Ascendant, i. The chart is radical because the Sun and Mars the traditional ruler of Scorpio share the same powers, they are both hot and dry, proving them friends. The moment was out of tune, there was a problem and the question lead to a situation of unhappiness.

We should discuss this issue more during our course, but please recognize that combinations involving the Moon, Venus and Jupiter are easiest to get along with. In mixes combining the Moon, Mercury, Mars and Saturn, there is more like a problem or corruption in store. The influence of the Sun is more neutral in this context, tends to make things bulky and important, but not necessarily fruitful or easy. The Moon is fruitful, but her situation is totally influenced by the planet she is blending with. With Mars there is mostly a conflict or an infection describing the situation.

Mercury and Saturn are sterile in their design, and better suited questions relating to property and business — rather than matters of the heart. I just want to show you a chart I have been working with recently.

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You should be expecting some better chart examples when we get together in October, but it might serve its purpose and give us a starting-point for when we meet. The chart involves a married woman who has questions regarding a new attraction, and the chart is cast for my place at the time I received her telephone call. The time and date is April 4. House system: Regiomontanus. The question is asked on the Day of the Moon. The Planetary Hour is shifting from the Moon to Saturn, but because the Sun is on the cusp of the 9th house in the Regiomontanus house system, I am letting the Moon perform as the Lady of the Hour.

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She has no essentially dignities on the Virgo Ascendant by Day she rules the Earth triplicity by night , so the chart is not radical in this sense. As a result of their collaboration they eventually reached a series of different conclusions, most of which form the basis for these important chapters. Thus, the planetary aspects are presented as configurations with highly intricate complexities.

Adding to this the various conditions of bonification and maltreatment which can considerably alter the meaning of a delineation , the Aspect Doctrine becomes one of the fundamental elements of Hellenistic Astrology.

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Another chapter that impressed me greatly although the entire work is impressive through the synthesis it offers is Chapter 18 where Chris Brennan exceptionally treats the theme of Zodiacal Releasing. This technique can be drilled to any level of detail from years to months, days or hours, using the fractal principle of temporal cycles. The Zodiacal Releasing technique is perhaps one of the most interesting and most important predictive techniques in the Hellenistic Astrology toolset and I was pleasantly surprised by the way Chris managed to explain the basic concept with the help of logical argumentation and clear-cut examples.

Furthermore, each chapter and concept is accompanied by practical examples mostly birth charts of personalities from the modern period and philosophical considerations hermetical, platonic etc. Being familiar with most of the concepts by searching, analyzing and compiling information from various sources over time, I understood from the first glance the added value that Chris brings to the Hellenistic tradition, which is that for the first time in modern times the fundamental concepts of Hellenistic Astrology are bound together in an unitary and coherent vision, accessible to the general public.

Moreover, throughout the work one can sense the mark of a person who has thought, weighed, compared, digested and synthesized the concepts in a way that is easy to follow even for someone who is just starting to investigate this field of knowledge. Also, the observations and supplementary remarks to the philosophical issues arising from the various concepts become real turning points for further research, usually required for an in-depth study.

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It is true at the same time that this work only initiates us into a maze of Astrological thinking where the further we enter the more we discover complex issues that we need to tackle, ultimately leading us to an epic journey in search for knowledge. These being said, the book is at the same time an invitation for each and every one of us to take the initiative and contribute in any way possible, be it about practical, theoretical or philosophical research, the translation of original texts or the popularization of the Art of Hellenistic Astrology; all vital elements that are necessary to pass this momentum to the next generation of thinkers and Astrologers.

It is actually an invitation to use Astrology as a living instrument, capable of offering one the chance to acquire a free spirit, a freedom which ultimately depends on on whether or not we succeed at becoming aware of our actions and their consequences by means of the knowledge and insights we can acquire with the help of this Art.

Testimony Aspects and Greek theory of optics Bonification vs. Maltreatment Sinister vs. Dexter Aspects Application vs. Exact or partile aspects Aversion and co-presence Aspect qualities Mitigation and alternative doctrines of aspects Thus, the planetary aspects are presented as configurations with highly intricate complexities.